Völser Aicha


Völser Aicha

The Völser Aicha region in the Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park is the northernmost wine-growing area of our winery. It provides an interesting contrast to our vineyards situated in the southern South Tyrolean lowlands [Südtiroler Unterland; Bassa Atesina] with its cooler temperatures and unique volcanic soil. This location is in our opinion particularly suitable for growing Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Nero grapes.


Völser Aicha

600 - 980 m
Climate conditions
1022 mm
ø Precipitation
16,5 °C
ø daytime temperature
10 °C
ø nighttime temperature

Despite its high elevation, Völser Aicha has an average daytime temperature of 17°C. The intensity of the sunlight is even amplified by the altitude. This creates a strong contrast with the cooler nighttime temperatures, resulting in a distinct day/night temperature difference that produces pronounced, crisp acidity, distinct aromas, and complexity in the wine. The cool, dry fall winds from the northern Eisack Valley aerate the vineyards and prevent fungal diseases, thus positively influencing the health of the grapes.

Soil profile

The foundation for uniqueness

In Völser Aicha, the dominant soil type on the surface is a clayey, sandy moraine soil with a high salt- and a lower humus content. In the deeper layers, there is a volcanic, gray quartz porphyry base and porous dolomite rock with sandy-calcareous rock flour.

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Völser Aicha