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Our life is wine and has been for generations

We, Sabine and Christof, are the fifth-generation owners of the Tiefenbrunner Wine Estate and take great pride in our heritage. It is both an honor and a responsibility to carry on the legacy and to continue writing the story of the Tiefenbrunner family, chapter by chapter, year after year, vintage after vintage.

We, Sabine and Christof, are the fifth-generation owners of the Tiefenbrunner Wine Estate and take great pride in our heritage. It is both an honor and a responsibility to carry on the legacy and to continue writing the story of the Tiefenbrunner family, chapter by chapter, year after year, vintage after vintage.

"The art of winemaking is a valuable part of our family identity. Nurturing it with respect and carrying it forward is our daily responsibility."
Christof Tiefenbrunner
Then and Now

Winery Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei Turmhof

Embark on a journey through time and explore the rich history of our winery, from the early 13th century to the present day.

damals heute
The first documented mention of 'Gut Linticlar'
Our winery's historical ancestral home boasts a rich tradition-filled history.
Pianta della fortezza
Ansitz Turmhof passes into the ownership of the family
Since 1675, Castel Turmhof has been in family ownership. The Aichner family managed the estate for five generations until 1847, when Josef Aichner bequeathed the property to his nephew Karl Pardatscher. In 1866, Pardatscher sold the estate to his cousin Johann Tiefenthaler.
Karl Pardatscher
Registration in the commercial register
The wine trade is gaining increasing significance for the estate, marking the beginning of our first business opportunities with customers from neighboring countries.
Documenti storici
Garden park and pond landscape around Castel Turmhof
Johann Tiefenthaler creates numerous frescoes and tuff stone sculptures between 1861 and 1900. It is his passion project, allowing him to express his artistic and creative talents.
Guided park tour
From Tiefenthaler to Tiefenbrunner
Johann Tiefenthaler and his wife Anna Waldthaler started a family with 16 children. All male offspring died in childhood. Their daughter Luise inherited the Turmhof winery and married Johann Tiefenbrunner from Margreid in 1897.
Johann Tiefenthaler mit seinen Kindern
Luise Tiefenthaler e Johann Tiefenbrunner_16.02.1897
Hydroelectric Power Plant
Johann Tiefenbrunner showed remarkable foresight in 1910 by commissioning the construction of his own hydroelectric power plant. By the end of 1940, he was supplying electricity to the neighboring communities of Kurtatsch and Margreid.
Energy from hydropower
Johann Tiefenbrunner_Wasserkraftwert_1910
Tiefenbrunner_La storica centrale idroelettrica
Herbert Tiefenbrunner assumes the role of cellar master
In the last years of World War II, at only 15 years old, Herbert Tiefenbrunner has to end his wine-making education in San Michele prematurely to support his family at home and take on the duties of cellar master, who had to leave the winery on short notice.
Herbert Tiefenbrunner_Fennberg
Herbert Tiefenbrunner con mamma Rosa Rizzolli
Herbert Tiefenbrunner
The wedding bells are ringing
After a year-long engagement, Herbert Tiefenbrunner is marrying Hildegard Goller from Seis am Schlern.
Hilde Goller & Herber Tiefenbrunner
Hilde Goller e Herbert Tiefenbrunner
Hilde Goller und Herbert Tiefenbrunner_Eheschließung 26.05.1955
Opening of the "Jausenstation"
With the rise of tourism in the area, Hilde opens a "Jausenstation" and treats numerous guests to a traditional South Tyrolean platter of cold cuts and cheeses, along with estate-grown wines.
Bistro Castel Turmhof
Heitere Runde_ Abend mit Musik in der Jausenstation
Hilde_Tiefenbrunner_Locanda di ristoro_1968
Südtiroler Speck
First bottling
The estate's first bottling marks a shift from exclusively trading wine in barrels for resale to offering bottles for direct sale at the winery.
Bistro Castel Turmhof
Tiefenbrunner_Vernatsch aus den 1960-ern
Hilde_Tiefenbrunner_Locanda di ristoro_1968
Hilde Tiefenbrunner beim Etikettieren der Weinflaschen
Herbert's pioneering spirit led him to plant a 1-hectare Müller-Thurgau vineyard at an altitude of 1,000 meters on the Fennberg mountain. To this day, it remains the highest-altitude Müller-Thurgau vineyard in Europe.
Neuanlage Müller-Thurgau_Fennberg_1.000m Meereshöhe_Herbert Tiefenbrunner
Tagebucheintrag 1. Feldmarschall Jahrgang
1. Jahrgang_1974_ Feldmarschall von Fenner Müller-Thurgau
Christof Tiefenbrunner
At 18 years old, Christof permanently joined the family business after gaining valuable work experience in England and Tuscany.
Christof Tiefenbrunner_Vendemmia_1983
Hilde mit Herbert & Christof Tiefenbrunner
London calling
Wearing traditional attire [Südtiroler Tracht], Herbert and Christof embark on their first major business trip abroad to London.
Herbert Tiefenbrunner_Picadilly Underground Station
Christof e Herbert Tiefenbrunner_Fiera del vino a Londra 1982
Herbert Tiefenbrunner_London Bridge_1982
Generational Handover at the winery Tiefenbrunner
Christof and his wife Sabine are gradually taking over the leadership of the Tiefenbrunner winery, while Herbert and Hilde continue to offer guidance as well as support and remain actively involved in the business.
Christof, Sabine, Hilde & Herbert Tiefenbrunner
Sabine & Christof
Sabine & Christof Tiefenbrunner
Expansion of the Hydroelectric Power Plant
Next to the historic power plant, a new modern upgrade is built: It features a dual hydraulic control system, electronic monitoring, and has a maximum capacity of 100 KW. This represents an exciting continuation of the tradition of in-house energy generation.
Green Energy
Acqua per la centrale idroelettrica_Torrente di Niclara
E-Werk Bedienfeld
Wine cellar expansion
To ensure adequate space for bottle aging the wines of our selections Turmhof, Linticlarus, and Vigna which are released for sale only after maturing 10-24 month, the pre-existing underground wine storage is expanded below the parking lot.
Bauarbeiten Erweiterung Lager
Cellar master & enologist Stephan Rohregger
Our cellar master Stephan Rohregger completed his studies at San Michele all'Adige and at the Geisenheim University in Germany. He has been an integral part of our team since 2007.
Stephan Rohregger & Christof Tiefenbrunner
Stephan Rohregger
Stephan Rohregger_2017
Cortaccia Rossa
A collaborative project between four Kurtatsch wine producers, namely Weingut Baron Widmann, Kellerei Kurtatsch, Weingut Peter Dipoli, and Weingut Tiefenbrunner, with the goal of showcasing the winegrowing region of Kurtatsch and its full-bodied red wines.
Website Cortaccia Rossa
2021_Othmar Doná, Peter Dipoli, Hans Peter Widmann, Andreas Kofler, Christof Tiefenbrunner
Cortaccia Rossa_Flight Degustazione alla cieca
Logo Cortaccia Rossa
Passing of Herbert Tiefenbrunner
In honor of Herbert Tiefenbrunner, who passed away on April 1st, 2015, our FELDMARSCHALL VON FENNER Müller-Thurgau vintage 2015 is released as the "In Memoriam Edition".
Hilde & Herbert Tiefenbrunner_2006
Herbert Tiefenbrunner_22.09.2003
Herbert Tiefenbrunner in Fennberg
Selection VIGNA
The first vintage of single vineyard wines from our Selection is released.
Selection VIGNA
Selection VIGNA_Fennberg
Vigna Logo
VIGNA mit Familienwappen
New construction of an underground fermentation- and barrique cellar
The new building comprises an underground fermentation cellar with concrete tanks and a barrique cellar. Additionally, the ground floor provides space for staff rooms, while the first floor accommodates the laboratory and a tasting room with a clear view of the vineyards.
Tulpenförmige Betonfässer
La nuova ala della cantina vista dall'esterno_2020
From the Jausenstation to the Bistro
The concept of the traditional "Jausenstation" lives on in the newly opened Bistro Castel Turmhof now featuring table service and an expanded menu.
Bistro Castel Turmhof
Tiefenbrunner_Bistro Castel Turmhof_Hofstattbrettl
Bistro Castel Turmhof_Wolkensteinkeller
Bistro Castel Turmhof_Bar
Our Philosophy

What started in the past is carried on today with passion

As a family-owned business, we combine vast experience and tradition, bridging them across generations with fresh spirit and innovation. Because wine is our past, present, and future.

Chrisof Tiefenbrunner
Christof Tiefenbrunner
Sabine Tiefenbrunner
Sabine Tiefenbrunner
Johannes Tiefenbrunner
Johannes Tiefenbrunner
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