Payment and delivery


All product prices, as well as shipping and handling prices, that are indicated on the website and in the order confirmation are understood to include value added tax at the rate as prescribed by law if owed.  Prices are expressed in euros.

The product prices, as well as shipping and handling prices, are calculated and indicated before payment within the framework of the online order.

From a purchase value of €150.00, shipping is free.

Otherwise we allow ourselves to charge the following flat rate per order:

Italy: €20.00
All other countries: €25.00
At the moment we only deliver to Germany, Austria and Italy.

The customer hereby accepts that the seller may change the prices at any time.  In any case, the prices that apply shall be those that are indicated at the time of the telematic sending of the order on the website and in the confirmation notice.

All products are shipped directly from Italy, whereby in addition to the product price, the shipping and handling costs are also to be borne by the buyer.  To the extent that it is not indicated to the contrary, in the event of shipping to countries outside of the EU or to countries in which the regulations in force provide for import duties, the product prices and shipping costs that are indicated on the website and in the order are understood to not include any possible customs fees and corresponding taxes.

These costs shall be borne solely by the customer and shall be paid by him or her directly with the delivery, and that shall take place in accordance with procedures according to the order confirmation.

Payment Methods

The payment of the product price as well as the shipping and handling costs shall take place in advance and by means of one of the methods that is listed in the order form on the website.

Credit Cards and Prepaid Credit Cards 

For online orders through our website, payments by means of credit card or prepaid credit card are accepted without any additional fees at the expense of the seller.


Payment may also be made in advance without any additional fees by Paypal.

Shipping and delivery of the product 

Except in the case of a written agreement to the contrary, the shipment or delivery of the product ordered by the customer shall take place only to the countries that are listed on the website.

Furthermore, the shipment or delivery shall take place through a shipping agent or courier service that is selected by the seller to the address that has been indicated by the buyer in his or her order.  The delivery deadline is indicated on the website and in the order confirmation.  In the event that the delivery cannot occur within the deadline, the buyer will be informed of that fact in a timely fashion by e-mail.  In the event that the buyer is absent at the time of delivery, he or she will receive a notice with the details on how to get in contact with the shipping agent/courier service in order to agree upon the delivery conditions.  In any case, the seller hereby declines all liability for the late delivery or non-delivery of goods in the event of inaccurate or incorrect address information that has been provided on the part of the buyer.

Each shipment will contain the product that was ordered, the corresponding shipping document or the accompanying invoice, documentation that may be required by the state for delivery, and possible information brochures or marketing enclosures.