Our wine lines

Our four clearly structured wine lines, differing in style and vinification, are expressions of the vintner’s art at our wine estate:

  • Selection VIGNA
    The Selection VIGNA follows the tradition of the Grand Cru, the cultivation of first-class wines that are strictly derived from one location. The strength of our wines stems from our knowledge of the optimum interplay of correct soil tending, varieties and climate conditions. The wines themselves come from terroirs that are steeped in tradition, in Niclara (AU, TOREN), Fiè (RACHTL) and on the Favogna mountain where, at an altitude of 3,280 feet above sea level, the multiple award-winning FELDMARSCHALL VON FENNER is grown. Low yields, careful production techniques and appropriate storage all permit wines to mature with a clearly recognizable nature and personality.
  • Selection LINTICLARUS
    The Selection LINTICLARUS recalls the Castrum Linticlar that once overlooked the Turmhof Castle. The three characterful red wines and the ‘late harvest’ are clearly bound to their origins. The grapes, from established small locations, are carefully vinified and the wine matures in small oaken barrels. The complexity of these wines guarantees both excellent drinking and considerable longevity.
  • Selection TURMHOF
    The Selection TURMHOF is named after the ancestral seat of our business. These wines are characterized by their special varietal purity; their grapes originate from several hillsides that rise up to 2,952 feet above sea level. They rest for several months on the fine lees and are then matured in wooden casks, with particular attention paid to the sensory complexity of the respective grape varieties.
  • Classic MERUS
    The Latin merus means ‘pure, genuine’. Our Classic MERUS wines also boast this trait, with their varietal character and natural elegance dominating. The grapes originate from vineyards in the Bassa Atesina: they are vinified in steel and concrete vats, then bottled while young, fresh and authentic.

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