Gardini Notes 2016

92 punti | LINTICLARUS Pinot Nero Riserva 2013
Matured in different sized oak. The contribution of the wood, even in this young wine, is not too evident, given that the Linticlarus plays on its best qualities. Regarding its gustatory assets, sensations of toasted cherry as well as a rich, spicy catalogue that does not lack a hint of vanilla, nor that pleasing spiciness, which recalls pink peppercorns.

92 punti | TURMHOF Gewürztraminer 2015
Collected from two different zones in which the vines assume finer contours (Niclara) or in the case of Cortaccia, where they are more structured. The floral component sings of rose, while in the mouth the wine takes on a round dimension that is never overtly sweet, thanks to impressions of mango and ripe pineapple.