2. January 2015
TOREN Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva
4. January 2015

Vigna AU Chardonnay Riserva

vigna grosses gewaechs grand cruSouth Tyrol DOC

Description: Our Vigna AU Chardonnay Riserva of the Selection VIGNA label is crystal-clear and shimmering dark straw yellow. First a mineral aroma of flint and walnut is developed before a multitude of aromas, with yellow exotic fruits and flowers, combine to create a complex bouquet. The wine is intensive and succulent on the palate in counterpoint with a pleasant acidity and fine tannins. Its full body and harmony are reflected in a highly persistent finish.

Food pairing: Flavorsome starters with smoked fish, veal and pork, poultry, steaks

Suggested serving temperature: 50 – 53.6 °F | 10 – 12 °C

Aging potential: 20 years and more

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