TOREN – The Cabernet deeply rooted in Entiklar

Location of the vineyard: Niclara, frazione di Cortaccia sulla Strada del Vino
Sea level: approx. 984 feet
Size of the vineyard: 1.48 acres (US)

The vineyard nestles in a semicircle around the ruins of the castle north of Entiklar at 858 – 1,050 feet above sea-level. With its extremely steep slope and southern exposure, it has a very sunny and hot climate.

The soil conditions: The loamy sandy soil has a high limestone gravel content.Thanks to the sand, the soil warms up quickly, and the warmth stored during the day is passed to the vines at night. Their roots go down deep, so that grape maturity has a high degree of independence from the year’s weather.

The soil’s influence on the wine: The soil keeps the vines well supplied with nutrients and as such guarantees a well balanced, full-bodied wine. Our Vigna TOREN Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva is rich in tannins and derives intensive aromas of berries from the limestone in the soil.

Soil profile vineyard TOREN

61 % sand
24 % silt
15 % clay

optimum heat retention