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31. December 2020
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2. February 2021

The Spruce Eats

In “The 9 Best Wines for Valentine’s Day in 2021 Céline Bossart shares her top picks to sip this Valentine’s Day. Among her selections:

TIEFENBRUNNER Merus Gewürztraminer 2019 (Best White)
“Fun fact: most people associate the aromatic Gewürztraminer grape (and thus the varietal) with Alsace and Germany, but the name actually is thought to be tied to the northern Italian commune of Tramin within the greater Alto Adige region, which is also referred to as South Tyrol. If you were to pick up any old bottle of Gewürz at the store without doing a bit of research on the differences between producing regions, you might end up with something a bit too sweet and perhaps even syrupy, but such is not the case with northern Italian Gewürztraminer. Reliably, these white wines boast beautiful, bright acidity and minerality thanks to their generally high-altitude vines.

Delicate in aroma with interesting texture, the full-bodied Tiefenbrunner MERUS is a great example of what Alto Adige has to offer, and at under $20, it’s tough to beat the price for a white wine of this quality. Drink nice and cold as an aperitif or with seafood dishes.”