Presentation ‘Selection VIGNA’ (part 1)
17. February 2017
Wine Spectator
17. February 2017

Presentation ‘Selection VIGNA’ (part 2)

Favogna, 28th January, 2017:

On the occasion of a round table focusing on the topic of single vineyards VIGNA in South Tyrol, wine journalists, scientists and wine producers from Italy, South Tyrol and Germany gathered on the historical wine estate ‘Hofstatt’ in Fennberg situated at a height of 3,280 feet in order to discuss the potential, various views as well as possible pitfalls . Considering that the vines of our FELDMARSCHALL VON FENNER are cultivated as a single vineyard for more than 40 years now with special treatment on this high and exclusive site, it can be regarded as one of the pioneers of the VIGNA philosophy in South Tyrol and hence a location that could not be more fitting.

In the subsequent vertical tasting of six vintages between 2015-1996, our Müller-Thurgau proved its enormous maturity potential and its distinctive character.

pdf_pubblication Veronelli – Le Vigne di Turmhof – La teoria
pdf_pubblication Veronelli – Le Vigne di Turmhof – La pratica
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