Clean energy from our own hydropower plant

Nature is our driving force! For over a century we have been generating energy with our own hydropower plant – in the interest of the environment and sustainability.

“For us, sustainability means having an eye for the next generation in all we do.”
Herbert Tiefenbrunner

In 1910 Johann Tiefenbrunner showed great foresight in building his own hydropower station. The plant was designed with a single-jet turbine and surge tank and operated with a head of 190 m at a pressure of 18.5 bar for a maximum power output of 85 kW. Until the end of the 1940s, it produced enough electricity to supply the estate and surrounding districts in Kurtatsch and Margreid.

In 2001 we had a new hydropower facility built next to the old plant – with modern twin-jet technology, hydraulic controls, electronic monitoring and a maximum power output of 100 kW. Today, we take great pleasure in continuing in the family tradition of on-site power generation.