Our life is wine – and has been for generations.

We (Sabine and Christof) are running the Tiefenbrunner Castel Turmhof Wine Estate in the fifth generation. A legacy as a privilege – and as a duty to continue to write the story of the Tiefenbrunner wine-making family, chapter by chapter, year by year, vintage by vintage.

“The art of winemaking is a valuable element of our family identity. It is our daily responsibility to maintain and develop it further in a spirit of respect.”
Christof Tiefenbrunner

The Linticlar Estate is first mentioned in records dating from 1225. But Stone Age and Bronze Age finds in the area of the castle ruins above the winery show that it has been a site of human settlement since prehistorical times. The Turmhof was registered as a winery in the commercial register in 1848. That makes it one of the oldest wine estates in South Tyrol.

Before the end of the 2nd World War, Herbert Tiefenbrunner (1928-2015) started work as a wine-maker when he was only 15 years of age. His later wife Hilde opened the Jausenstation snack bar in 1968. In 2000 we took over the winery with a commitment to continue in the centuries-old tradition of our wine-making culture.