FELDMARSCHALL – Our single vineyard since 1973

Location of the vineyard: Hofstatt, Favogna di Sotto, frazione di Magrè sulla Strada del Vino
Sea level: approx. 3,280 feet
Size of the vineyard: 7.41 acres (US)

The vineyard is located on the Fennberg (Favogna) at a height of about 3,300 feet and slopes gently to the south. The rock face of the Rotwand provides ideal protection from the northerlies.

The soil conditions: Soil depth is over six foot in places but mostly no more than 15-18 inches. The striking red soil is characterized by heterogeneous glacier moraine rock. At the middle levels, silty-loamy sand predominates, with some white and red marble as well as porphyry and granite foundlings. Dolomite and limestone are found in the deeper horizons.

The soil’s influence on the wine: The soil’s high salt content contributes to the fruit and herb aromas that are so characteristic of the Vigna FELDMARSCHALL VON FENNER Müller-Thurgau.

Soil profile vineyard FELDMARSCHALL

49 % sand
42 % silt
09 % clay

+ marble, prophyry, granite, dolomite