Vigna AU – A vineyard steeped in history

Location of the vineyard: Niclara, frazione di Cortaccia sulla Strada del Vino
Sea level: approx. 984 feet
Size of the vineyard: 2.47 acres (US)

The vineyard lies northeast of Entiklar at 853 – 1,050 feet above sea-level. With its southeastern exposure, it has a sunny and mild climate.

The soil conditions: Highly loamy sand with a high limestone and salt content dominate the loose and very deep morainic soil of the Vigna AU. At almost 5 %, the humus level is remarkably elevated.

The soil’s influence on the wine: The high clay content is responsible for the pleasing level of acidity in the Vigna AU Chardonnay grapes and wine. The high limestone content encourages the development of yellow fruit notes, while the salt contributes the wine’s pronounced minerality.

Soil profile vineyard AU

47 % sand
38 % lime
15 % clay

high limestone and salt content