The Tiefenbrunner Wine Estate in Entiklar

Wines are the past, present and future.” That is something the Tiefenbrunner Castel Turmhof Wine Estate in Entiklar has demonstrated over the generations. As one of the oldest wine estates in South Tyrol, it is a living combination of family, wine growing, tradition and innovation. With a commitment to progress based on continuity, and high standing on deep roots. Tiefenbrunner as a guarantee for quality and elegance. Over the ages.

Red and white wines with personality

Whites and reds – of timeless elegance. Our three wine lines are the products of an art of winemaking that has developed over time, with FELDMARSCHALL VON FENNER as the crowning glory.

“We make wines with a personality of their own. They know where they come from and have the distinctive character to outlast fashions and short-lived trends.”

Christof Tiefenbrunner

Distinctiveness is the biggest enemy of fashion. That is why we make wines that stand out. Our wines have a personality of their own: matured over time and shaped by their origins and history. Every site and every variety is different. We take that into account in both the vineyard and the cellar.

We apply reason and moderation in all our work – from limited yields to gentle plant protection and variety-specific vinification. We give our reds and whites the conditions they need for optimum development – as individual wines in accordance with their various wine profiles.

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